AEC companies are finding it harder and harder to push back against the drone space. Once a very traditional industry, now highly innovative space we are seeing more and more uses for the use of drones. The Drone world using off-the-shelf drones paired with the right technology can effectively give you 2D and 3D mapping, ad in ground control and you have the simplest and easiest route to manage all sites with weekly if not daily site progress reporting. 

Visie Drones also offers the support of live video feed of sites for companies needing to wow their clients on project updates

Though you are seeing an increased cost for the drone service on your projects, what you are also seeing is fewer errors taking place and fewer errors mean less cost to fix. Ultimately we are finding that the use of drone technology is saving builders, construction crews, project managers hundreds of hours of man hours and repair costs. Architects are able to get up to the minute reporting making the client extremely aware of how things are progressing. 

If nothing at all drone technology is saving you and your client's grey hairs of unknowing and sometimes that completely worth the price.

Renewable energy


Solar and Wind Farms are extensively used across the globe to generate clean energy by harnessing sources that help fuel our day-to-day energy needs. Each division of clean energy has its own requirements for maintaining equipment.


Solar has panel malfunctions and doesn't always catch the correct amount of sun. The use of drones within these settings has drastically reduced the man hours in inspection costs. Using Thermo sensors to detect heat abnormalities helps to quickly source a problem panel and replace it out before the manufacturer warranty runs out saving companies thousands of dollars on upfront costs and down generating time.  

Wind turbines gain damage from simply running, we gather the necessary data from flying these high-risk platforms gathering critical areas of damage reports for clients to respond in repairs before the windy season starts back up. The Drone space again has saved thousands for these clients reporting on faulty blades, to lightning damage and even bird strikes. These massive pieces of equipment are risky to inspect in any other way and the drone space has not only thousands of dollars but they have also saved lives. 



Visie Drones deploys our teams across the globe to collect Visual and Thermo data for Energy companies looking to support their inspection teams. Time is critical to the success of a mission as the clarity of data gathered from our teams is critical to the success of keeping infrastructure maintained. Drone teams across the globe have helped some millions in lost revenue for energy clients pinpointing with accurate detail the emergency repairs required and repairs that could lower on the priority. Affective use of drones and the technology associated with data collection gives our clients a much-needed leg up on their assets that most times they didn't even know existed. 

Recent reports highlight Drones benefits to the energy industry today. They make the industry 85% faster and less expensive than what humans can do. At the same time, they also save millions of dollars in lost production output.

This stat not only supports our continued effort to train and house some of the best pilots in the market. Our customer-centric approach enables us to focus on the quick collection and quick resolution to problems our clients have an immediate need to address. We are honored to serve this industry as they service our day to day energy needs.